My Cheatin’ Wife – The Dahlonega Nugget, April 16, 2014



My Cheatin’ Wife

Jameson Gregg Author
PUBLICATION: Dahlonega Nugget, The (GA)

SECTION: News, page 4A

DATE: April 16, 2014

I suspected my wife was fooling around behind my back. Recently, I found smoking-gun evidence and she confessed. Suspicion confirmed.

The trouble all started when she watched Oprah on TV one afternoon. I cringe when she watches Oprah. Some new diet or exercise regimen is always in my near future.

Sure enough, she announced we were going on the “clean gut” diet. The next day, Kroger’s produce section must have gone barren because our kitchen counters were laden with red, green, and yellow vegetables of all shapes and sizes. Full sink, cutting boards, boiling pots and whirring blenders. The place smelled like a bomb exploded in a cabbage patch. Continue reading

An interview with Jameson Gregg

For a peek behind the curtain of Luck Be A Chicken, the reporter in me gained an audience with the writer in me and conducted a Q & A session:

Q)  What’s it like writing your first novel?

A) One doesn’t write his or her first novel, one births it. Since I’m physically unequipped for childbirth, the closest analogy I can imagine is passing a bowling ball.

Q) I see. We needn’t go further on that topic. Tell us, in what genre is Luck Be A Chicken?

A) Oh my. Sounds like you’re asking for my “elevator pitch.” Are we riding up one floor or all the way to the top?
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Global Warming? What Global Warming, The Dahlonega Nugget, March 6, 2014

Global warming? What global warming

Jameson Gregg
PUBLICATION: Dahlonega Nugget, The (GA)

SECTION: Opinions, page 5A
DATE: March 5, 2014

It’s been a harsh winter in Dahlonega. The polar vortex and wintry mixes.

Schools closed. My pipes froze. We’re a city of traffic offenders with our slip-and-slide fender benders. I got to pondering global warming. Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize for touting it. The Nobel folks wouldn’t have chosen him if he was wrong, would they?

About the time you suspect there may be some truth to it, we get hammered by the coldest winter of the century. What is one to believe? Continue reading